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.....Welcome to Beauty Within

It doesn't look like they're much here because this is the opening page of a collective, meaning several sites combined into one. Below I have a detailed listening of the collective to help guide you along.

Please read the Terms of Use before first, if you have any problems that are not covered there, please e-mail me. I hope you enjoy your visit.


.....The Collective

Trading Card Repository:

Trading Card Repository is the home of my collected trading cards from various games. If you're here from a TCG then that's what you're looking for.

The spotlighted game of the moment is Trading Acadamy.

MagickWorks Graphics:

MagickWorks Graphics is where I house the graphics I design. Specializing in Avatars/Icons of a variety of fandoms and some not, if you're looking for pretties for your LJ, that's where you go.

Thoughts From the Edge of Oblivion:

This link will bounce you over to LiveJournal, where I host my personal journal. It's a place to get to know about your host and join in a long standing game of trying to figure out what the heck is going through my head. It's open to all, though you should be warned I enjoy whining and ranting. Feel free to look around!


Home of all my artworks on

Memoirs of a Nobody:

This is my "back-up" blog/journal. Basically, it contains my LiveJournal posts, notes, story stuff, letters, a bit of anything and everything.

.....Hosted Sites

These are sites that do NOT belong to me but are hosted on the domain.


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